1 SENIOR ADMINISTRATION TECHNICIAN (Management and Administration) CONV._FIHAC/42_2022

Nov 2, 2022

Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria Foundation in the framework of the Investigo Program, for hiring young job seekers to carry out reserarch and innovation initiatives within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, requests to fill the position of 1 Senior Administration Technician.

Offer nº 62022003627 with ocupancy code 2622


The deadline for submission of documents is 20 November 2022, at 24:00 h.

Applications must be submitted, by means of the blind curriculum, by interested persons to the employment office managing the offer (Isaac Peral, 39, 39008 – Santander), or through the means established in Article 134.8 of the Ley de Cantabria 5/2018, of November 22, or through the email box oeisaacperal@cantabria.es.





Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan
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