The main purpose of Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria Foundation is the development, promotion, supervision, promotion and guardianship of the “Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria”, whose main objective will be basic and applied research in the development of studies, methodologies and tools for the integrated management of aquatic ecosystems including inland surface and groundwater, transitional waters and coastal waters, integrating all relevant processes as well as the socio-economic aspects associated with an efficient and sustainable management of the integral water cycle.

In particular, pursuing the following objectives:


  • To deepen the knowledge of the water cycle and associated systems, expanding the frontiers of the state of the art of related sciences and technologies.
  • To transfer to society and convert into concrete social benefits the achievements obtained in the study of the water cycle and associated systems by setting solid ways of transferring knowledge, methodologies and tools to public administrations and national and international companies.
  • To promote R&D&I activities in Spanish and foreign companies and organizations, both public and private.
  • To improve cooperation, transversality, intertextuality and multidisciplinary studies in areas related to the water cycle and its associated systems, as a source of progress for science and society in general.
  • To provide developing countries, particularly in Latin America, with the knowledge and tools necessary to improve the standard of living of their inhabitants.
  • To turn the Institute in a center of national and international reference in its area, under the protection of which the groups linked to it can carry out their research, as well as other national and international groups that contribute to achieving the Institute’s final objectives.

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