25 Feb,2021 15:00

In accordance with the Human Resources programming of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute Foundation of Cantabria and with the needs of the projects programmed in its Action Plan, the coverage of a Senior Administration Technician position is required.


Read carefully the call/program of the post, whose document can be found in the corresponding link on this page, with special attention to the QUALIFICATION section. If you lack or cannot accredit the DEGREE, the EXPERIENCE, the OTHER QUALIFICATIONS required or the DEGREE FIELDS does not correspond to that indicated in the call itself, your application will not be taken into account in the personnel selection process.

This document also includes the functions and requirements of the post, as well as the merits to be assessed established for this personnel selection process.

If you meet the established requirements and are interested in the position, as well as the conditions offered, download the data form (Microsoft Office Excel file, format “Excel Book *.xlsx”) which is also found in the corresponding link on this page. The data form is the only valid document for the participation of candidates in the personnel selection process (with the exception of the proof of sending by registered mail in the case of not having an electronic signature). In the form, all identification data, including e-mail, are mandatory. It will also be necessary to send the completed and signed form entitled “Information Clause – Candidates” when submitting the candidature.

In the case of not providing any of the identifying data, the application will NOT be taken into account.

If you have an electronic ID card or a certificate issued by one of the authorities listed in the Internet address you can electronically sign the form and send it (NOT COMPRESSED), directly, to the following email address

Information on how to electronically sign the form (Excel document) can be found at the following link:
If you do not have an electronic signature, please send the form by e-mail to the following address: (in Microsoft Office Excel file, NOT COMPRESSED), ALSO, MANDATORY, you must send the document PRINTED TO TWO FACES (if occupying more than one) and duly initialled, which must necessarily be sent BY CERTIFIED MAIL (exclusively, and may not be delivered personally) to the Fundación Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de Cantabria before the end of the deadline for receipt of applications (“closing of recruitment”) indicated in the call itself. In the latter case of not having an electronic signature, it is mandatory to send a copy of the proof of sending by registered mail by e-mail together with the Excel file (without compressing). If these requirements are not met, the application will be invalidated and the data form sent by e-mail will be destroyed (securely erased).

The envelope BY CERTIFIED MAIL must be addressed to:


A/A.: Responsable Sección de Apoyo Administrativo

Calle Isabel Torres 15 PCTCAN

39011 Santander – Cantabria

If this requirement is not met, the application will be invalidated and the data form sent by e-mail will be destroyed (securely deleted). When sending the file by e-mail, indicate, in the subject field, ONLY the following code: Conv._FIHAC/02_2021. In any case DO NOT include any other document, except for the receipt of sending by registered mail in the case of not having an electronic signature. In the case of forms with incomplete identification data (including electronic mail) or in the case of not being signed electronically and not receiving the corresponding duly signed printed copy, the application will NOT be taken into account.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 13:00 h on March 19,  2021

All applications whose forms are received after that date will be rejected. See the frequently asked questions file that is available as a related file. If you need any other clarification regarding this personnel selection process, you must go to the following email address within the deadline for receiving applications: No questions will be answered by any means other than The mentioned email.


Any data form related to this personnel selection process or “curriculum vitae” that is received in the Foundation by email or with a stamp of post certificate from the time and date of completion of receipt of nominations indicated, as well as any other unsolicited document sent earlier than that date will be safely destroyed according to the applicable regulations regarding the protection of personal data. For all purposes, it is also reported that the management of human resources in this Foundation does not include the creation and maintenance of databases of potential candidates for future personnel selection processes. The recruitment of candidates for each of the personnel selection processes is carried out through the announcement on this website, thus guaranteeing the required publicity and attendance. Therefore, to participate in them, you must follow the instructions that, for each process, are published on this website and DO NOT submit curricula or any other unsolicited documentation in a timely manner.