1 TECNÓLOGO/A (Coastal engineering and management) Nº CONV._FIHAC/47_2022

Nov 25, 2022

In accordance with the Human Resources programming of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute of Cantabria Foundation and with the needs of the projects programmed in its Action Plan, it is necessary to fill a position for 1 TECNÓLOGO/A.

Technologist in Coastal Engineering.

The project to which the call is be linked aims to develop a modular tool that will allow coastal engineers and managers to address morphodynamic studies at different spatial and temporal scales, within the framework of a project or evaluation of a beach as a physiographic unit. This tool will integrate different model approaches to estimate the static and dynamic equilibrium condition in planform and/or beach profile, as well as evolution models to predict changes in the shoreline position in the short, medium, long, and very long term, according to the scope and objective of the project required by the user. Among the dynamic models, this project contemplates the development of a new shoreline evolution model by integrating cross-shore and longshore sediment transport processes, preserving sediment balance.

The deadline for document submission is 11 of Diciembre of 2.022, a las 24:00 h